Friday, March 5, 2010


Long time didn't update blog le
nearly forgot this blog jor...... /_\

So far
how is your Chinese New Year holidays?
ok ok lo xD


Although late jor
but hope all my friends will happy always is year "Harimau"


I also forgot got what happened in this day jor...../_\
so just post my hauls xD

S.I.C 極魂 Blade
HG OO Gundam Seven Sword/G

fast snapped of OO 7S/G
lazy to seriously take photo for OO and Blade..../_\


Went to college
b'coz friend want me bring him to Open Day
after that went to TS take my item

after took my item
we went for lunch
makan jor
we start reading the Courses Introduction book
saw some Nicholas's photos =w=

a while later
went to arcade
playing some games
then go home lu..........

here is the item I took today

S.H.Figuarts クウガライジングアルテイメット(ダークアイス)

pre-ordered since last year September....
now only reach =w=

fast snapped

no buy Red Eyes Ver.
coz too expensive jor la~~~~~/_\

ah...1 more thing
tomorrow go see S.H.E concert^^
RM268 tickets x2
for free


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