Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bakuc 2009

Went to Sg.Wang with Lawrence
to see Bakuc 2009
Bakuc will held twice a year
it was Mid-Year and Year-End
I started went Bakuc since 2007

let's see some works~
OO Raiser & Reborns [final battle ver.]

Wing Zero


Exia Re 1/60 scale

Exia Re 1/100 scale

Hyaku Shiki with 孫悟空 look

Nu Gundam HWS

The work I like the most
GP03D being destroyed

Sample display of PG OO Raiser
it's huge O_O

Sample display of MG Son Goku

What I bought at the day?

Electromotive Style Injection Machine
I don't know the chinese name of this machine
my friend said it's 啤膠機 -_-"

after that went to TS
wanna find Mio
but as my expected...
not yet come stock~
then find 極魂
but all hilang O_O
when this series become so hot oh...

in the end
watched 2012
sit the most front seat
watch till sakit kepala~haih...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

S.I.C Kabuto New Images

Rider Form

Hyper Form with Perfect Zecter

Hyper Form [Hyper Clock Up mode]

Zecter Kabuto
( in Decade series )

Option parts
-Kabuto Zecter
-Hyper Zecter
-Kabuto Kunai Gun Dagger mode
-Kabuto Kunai Gun Gun mode
-Kabuto Kunai Gun Axe mode
-Perfect Zecter
-Decade Driver
-Decade Ridebooker Sword mode

January Release
very nice~especially Hyper Form
but can't buy =(
need save money to go hk...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

K-On! prize item and S.H Figuarts W

K-On! prize item,prize G
ini prize really no hope to get le...
except I go japan tikam...
or next year go hk buy =)
really want to get this prize arghhhh T_T


*left to right*
S.H Figuarts W Luna Trigger*2010 March release
S.H Figuarts W Cyclone Joker*2010 Febuary release
S.H Figuarts W Heat Metal*2010 March release
and *left-down*
S.H Figuarts Ixa*2010 January release

this 4 in my list le
Ixa sure buy 1st~
then Cyclone Joker 1st lu
Heat Metal and Luna Trigger wait go hk juz sekali "da bao" them xD


Formal Day~ xD

we need to wear formal to do our BM class presentation
mana tau that lecturer late nearly 1 hour just masuk class
after a small exam just start the presentation
just 4 ppl done their present
so next week almost of us need to wear formal again...T_T

by the way
so hard to see whole D1 wear formal together
this is the first time
so we snap some photos =)

D1 型仔~xD

Ah Sau lou dao~
where you look oh~
talk till Ah Sau~he ar really cant 合作 wo
so many pattern~troublemaker xD

D1 guys
Funny version
why "funny ver." leh?

*zoom in*
see Alex and his good friend
laugh till cant see the eyes and the mouth also cant close xD

D1 girls
kesiannya kita D1
so less girls...T_T


although some of us are lazy to wear formal
but we do have alot fun today xD

Happy always ya~ D1 !!



We D1 really damn busy in our semester2
damn many exercise
somemore exercise and assignment comes in a row
no time give us rest
really is 攞你命3000...-_-

this week
we gonna pass up Katsuri's work

so far this is my work
used newspaper slowly slowly "tok" to do ga...
my あずにゃん's face seems like kena ppl slap
black jor T_T

2nd work need to pass up
Nik's zoo logo design
- 20 thumbnails
- 8 semi com
- pick 3 from 8 semi com,each of them need 3 different colour

my "The 3" picked from semi com
9 different colours...

so this is my final work
"A mouse deer (kancil) jumping over a wild grass field" xD

Next week need pass up Nik's other work
CD cover design...

I'm still stuck in semi com...
hope I got mood to finish it la xD


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today kawanku showed me this

the cup that Azusa used in K-On!
wth man...
I do really want to get this...
i think no shop will bring this in gua...
somemore the price not cheap also T_T
maybe ask people help me bid le


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot Blood

Since JP trip canceled
so last week I went out "hot blood" (熱血)

Went to TS with Biao and forum friend : kaihins
this is the first time i met a forum friend ^^
we non-stop chatting about S.H Figuarts and others xD

This is what I bought at the day =)

魂SHOP限定S.H Figuarts Kuuga Amazing Mighty
S.H Figuarts Kuuga Dragon
S.H Figuarts Kuuga Pegasus
S.H Figuarts BLACK RX

so this is the
魂SHOP限定Kuuga~finally got it xD

complete Kuuga series
now waiting 2010 Febuary
Kuuga Rising Ultimate xD


the first Rider I watched

This month will go hunt...

HGUC Unicorn Gundam


Nendoroid 秋山澪 !