Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bakuc 2009

Went to Sg.Wang with Lawrence
to see Bakuc 2009
Bakuc will held twice a year
it was Mid-Year and Year-End
I started went Bakuc since 2007

let's see some works~
OO Raiser & Reborns [final battle ver.]

Wing Zero


Exia Re 1/60 scale

Exia Re 1/100 scale

Hyaku Shiki with 孫悟空 look

Nu Gundam HWS

The work I like the most
GP03D being destroyed

Sample display of PG OO Raiser
it's huge O_O

Sample display of MG Son Goku

What I bought at the day?

Electromotive Style Injection Machine
I don't know the chinese name of this machine
my friend said it's 啤膠機 -_-"

after that went to TS
wanna find Mio
but as my expected...
not yet come stock~
then find 極魂
but all hilang O_O
when this series become so hot oh...

in the end
watched 2012
sit the most front seat
watch till sakit kepala~haih...


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