Thursday, November 19, 2009

K-On! prize item and S.H Figuarts W

K-On! prize item,prize G
ini prize really no hope to get le...
except I go japan tikam...
or next year go hk buy =)
really want to get this prize arghhhh T_T


*left to right*
S.H Figuarts W Luna Trigger*2010 March release
S.H Figuarts W Cyclone Joker*2010 Febuary release
S.H Figuarts W Heat Metal*2010 March release
and *left-down*
S.H Figuarts Ixa*2010 January release

this 4 in my list le
Ixa sure buy 1st~
then Cyclone Joker 1st lu
Heat Metal and Luna Trigger wait go hk juz sekali "da bao" them xD


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