Thursday, November 19, 2009

Formal Day~ xD

we need to wear formal to do our BM class presentation
mana tau that lecturer late nearly 1 hour just masuk class
after a small exam just start the presentation
just 4 ppl done their present
so next week almost of us need to wear formal again...T_T

by the way
so hard to see whole D1 wear formal together
this is the first time
so we snap some photos =)

D1 型仔~xD

Ah Sau lou dao~
where you look oh~
talk till Ah Sau~he ar really cant 合作 wo
so many pattern~troublemaker xD

D1 guys
Funny version
why "funny ver." leh?

*zoom in*
see Alex and his good friend
laugh till cant see the eyes and the mouth also cant close xD

D1 girls
kesiannya kita D1
so less girls...T_T


although some of us are lazy to wear formal
but we do have alot fun today xD

Happy always ya~ D1 !!


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