Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot Blood

Since JP trip canceled
so last week I went out "hot blood" (熱血)

Went to TS with Biao and forum friend : kaihins
this is the first time i met a forum friend ^^
we non-stop chatting about S.H Figuarts and others xD

This is what I bought at the day =)

魂SHOP限定S.H Figuarts Kuuga Amazing Mighty
S.H Figuarts Kuuga Dragon
S.H Figuarts Kuuga Pegasus
S.H Figuarts BLACK RX

so this is the
魂SHOP限定Kuuga~finally got it xD

complete Kuuga series
now waiting 2010 Febuary
Kuuga Rising Ultimate xD


the first Rider I watched

This month will go hunt...

HGUC Unicorn Gundam


Nendoroid 秋山澪 !


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