Thursday, November 19, 2009


We D1 really damn busy in our semester2
damn many exercise
somemore exercise and assignment comes in a row
no time give us rest
really is 攞你命3000...-_-

this week
we gonna pass up Katsuri's work

so far this is my work
used newspaper slowly slowly "tok" to do ga...
my あずにゃん's face seems like kena ppl slap
black jor T_T

2nd work need to pass up
Nik's zoo logo design
- 20 thumbnails
- 8 semi com
- pick 3 from 8 semi com,each of them need 3 different colour

my "The 3" picked from semi com
9 different colours...

so this is my final work
"A mouse deer (kancil) jumping over a wild grass field" xD

Next week need pass up Nik's other work
CD cover design...

I'm still stuck in semi com...
hope I got mood to finish it la xD


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