Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally Update T_T

1st post in december
no update for a time
because of assignments......

Today 18-12-09
finally can relax a bit
so went to TS with Lawrence
because Kaihin called me the day before
said that he help me bought something I want xD
somemore go watch movie : Avatar

Talk about this movie : Avatar
What I can say is...MUST WATCH !!
the movie nearly 3 hours long
but it don't have boring part O_O
"Since the beginning to the end also CLIMAX!"

Then these are my hauls of the day

Nendoroid けいおん!秋山澪 (Thx to Kaihin helped me bought it)
Revoltech EVANGELION Production Model Unit-02
One of them are my X'mas present~lol -_-
Actually I planned to buy Kiwami Tamashii Faiz too...
but seems like sold out...

back home~can't wait !!
fast fast open EVA 02
then snapped some photos =)

my second Revoltech
now just know that Revoltech so nice xD
can do a lot nice pose~
next gonna to buy EVA Unit-01 (>^o^)>


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