Sunday, September 6, 2009

Final Destination 4

4th September 2009
Is our beginning of examination
and also is our ending of examination
we just take 1 paper what~ xD

a week ago we planned after exam go watch Final Destination 4
but during exam...
suddenly raining O_O
some more is heavy rain
so we stayed at college to wait the rain stop

*see the "longkang" also know how heavy the rain O_O*

First, we go Time Square by bus
but traffic very jam ah~
so we go Medan Tuanku Monorail station
go by monorail
more fast
more comfortable xD

After we reached TS
we went to buy movie tickets first
then we went 欢喜地 have our lunch =)

*see how long the movie tickets xD*

*chee hoe , me , bao , khai teng*
*actually I kena paksa to do this gay pose one >_<*
[ above photos taken by Carvne ]

About the movie
Final Destination 4

Nothing much can comment
just same as the previous 3 episode
showing how people's life gone...

when watching this movie
I kept thinking :
"Humans' life can be lost easily,
so must take care and don't wasting time of our life."

I didn't bought any things to add into my collection that day *sigh*
I paid deposit to order limited S.H.Figuarts
so damn happy =)


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