Saturday, September 5, 2009

S.I.C 極魂

S.I.C 極魂 is a quite new series
a smaller version of S.I.C
( the size just about 10cm if no wrong )

it just released 響鬼(Hibiki) and 龍騎(Ryuki)
and coming this month will release :
斬鬼 (Zanki) *from響鬼(Hibiki)*
轟鬼 (Todoroki) *from響鬼(Hibiki)*
ナイト (Knight) *from龍騎(Ryuki)*

Besides 響鬼(Hibiki) and 龍騎(Ryuki) series
up next would be フアイズ (Faiz) series O_O

Starting I think I will not start buying this series
unless got クウガ (Kuuga) series
but now...
my plan seems like changed
because too nice~ xD

フアイズ (Faiz)

フアイズアクセルフオーム(Faiz Acel Form)
*The S.I.C version of Faiz Acel Form was Toei limited item*
*really expensive this I really can't miss!*

フアイズブラスターフオーム (Faiz Blaster Form)

3 also must get !!
since I don't have the S.I.C version
second it's prices are adorable^^

December release
my December belongs to Yui ah~~~~~=X


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