Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Update

long time no update jor
reason : lazy xD
so now... 俺、参上!

Monday we went to Chee Hoe's house
over WM Metroview
walao...There quite nice leh~~~
nice view...swimming pool...and many many
really want move to there =3=

at the same day
we talked about AhSau's "belt"
kept laugh and laugh non-stop
AhSau's "belt" really incredible xD

then we back to college to attend Mr.Andrew class
after the class,we planned the next day go Metroview again for swimming

- The 2nd Day -

*me and Alex...地狱兄弟 xD*
*waiting Nic's car*

*> soon yong,carvne,me,wen jian*

*> soon yong(up),me(down),wen jian(up),carvne(down),Chee Hoe,sakai Fun*
all show Kabuto's pose,except wen jian and fun
( p/s: above 3 pictures stolen from Carvne's blog =P )

after swimming,we go a mamak have lunch
the mamak name...
really let them "zha dao"
their Maggie Goreng not bad =)
but need to wait long time
because just 2 workers O_O

Now...we pass up all assignments jor
so I have time to continue my MG Exia


*light-up GN Drive*

finally done my MG Exia
so now had to stop buying gunpla awhile
next week go buy :
S.H.Figuarts Decade
and order :
S.H.Figuarts Rising Ultimate Kuuga [魂ウエブlimited]

and also waiting November
Nendoroid 秋山澪
and December
Nendoroid 平沢唯


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