Saturday, August 8, 2009

MG ガンダムエクシア[Gundam Exia]

Today is 08-08-09
This day of last year
I bought MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0
1 year later...Exia =)

Today went time square take my MG Exia
But the shop staff said they didn't keep for me
But in e-mail they said will keep for me......
some more sold out le...

But luckily Gamerz Arena got stocks^^
So I bought in Gamerz Arena
they introduce hard to me about this MG
although I knew all the things they told me xD
Except MG Exia,I bought a HG Exia R2 over there too^^

When checking runner parts
my friend Chee Hoe sms me
The shop keepers heard my msg ringtone
[Decade Complete form Henshin sound]
then we started chit chat about Kamen Riders
the shop keepers got watched all Showa and Heisei series
and also showed me Black and RX henshin pose O_O
I really want to call him SENIOR~~!!

*4th Exia : MG Exia Igniton Mode*
*5th Exia : HG Exia R2**My Exia collections*

I kept my 4th & 5th Exia at Gamerz Arena first
then go watch movie
this movie quite funny,haha xD

After that go eat in Sushi King
Unagi set got discount
So I tried,taste not bad =)

*forgot took photo before eat xD*


Mood of the day
*I'm alone because of my difference...?*

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