Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today we're going KLCC to draw something
unfortunately we didn't get the permission to draw over there
and I heard got people kena halau by guard >_<
( actually I no bring any tools like drawing paper and pencils xD )
So we just "gai gai" over KLCC*I can't tahan to point the SUN with my finger when saw this xD*
(watch too much "Kabuto"...)
*Tepi sikit la Alex,don't block the nice view*

After that we go to camera shops
Because I want to see Black Bird Fly camera xD
Unfortunately,I didn't found it =w=
But we found some over RM35k+ lens O_O
We went back to school about 4pm+
Nic and Fun go play Futsal
So I went to library to find Chee Hoe them
I told 10 Heisei Rider history to Chee Hoe at library
now he seems like want to start watch Rider(仮面ライダー)
I dragged Chee Hoe to Rider Hole xD


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