Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

*Sorry about today no take any photos*

Today went to watch Harry Potter with Emily and Chee Hoe
Emily said she will be late
So me and Chee Hoe go earlier to buy tickets

After I reached Time Square
ma chee hoe ah...
That Chee Hoe belum sampai lagi =w=
After bought tickets
I went to Graffiti Toys to see S.H Figuarts,S.I.C and Gunpla
About 30 minutes later,that Chee Hoe sms said he coming
So i went to Classic see DVD and soundtrack
Today Classic showing The King of POP -
Michael Jackson live concert
MJ's dance really nice...

I stand there to watch until Emily sms me that she arrived
so i go met her
Again,I sms Chee Hoe again
still replied that he coming !!
walao boss,u kept said coming but y so late =w=
So me and Emily chit-chat while waiting itu Chee Hoe
we have 3 and half hours before movie start
First we go have our breakfast(lunch?)
after that we chit-chat again^^

We really have too much free time
after gaigai awhile
we went to Classic watch MJ live concert about 1 hour =w=

Now talk about the movie
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
Erm...I think it's not bad
quite funny but also a little bit boring =="
movie skipped many parts from novel
Dumbledore's funeral also skipped...T_T

Now waiting for next movies
G.I Joe
Final Destination 4
The Land of the Lost


What I bought today

*K-On! dvd*
*Bought this although I download and finished it*

*K-On! Character Image Song Series*
Hirasawa Yui ^^

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