Sunday, July 12, 2009

Having fun with warped photos

Very very boring when we're inside lect class -_-
So I found something to making fun with my phone^^
1st one of course is our...
Err...Are you Chee Hoe?
After this,someome has respond about it...
Khai Teng ( he seems like very angry and fierce -o- )
Change location from lect hall to library~
*Hello,may I know who are you?
tips*This leng zai's smile actually very sweeeeeet =]
Last one,Khai Teng again. This time he seems like very happy
But Chee Hoe said he seems very猥琐...=_=
Now we have another relax activity to do - playing PSP =w=
*finally I can play PSP Gundam vs Gundam,thanks to Chee Hoe bring it^^

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