Saturday, July 18, 2009

Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen

Last 2 weeks watched Transformers2 with Raja and Biao.
I'm a Gundam fans and not so interesting about Transformers =w=
But after watched Transformers2
Walao,those fighting scene really cool eh!!
Especially when Sideswipe cut Sideways into half ^^
So after watched the movie,I decide go toys shop looking for Sideswipe
Unfortunately, Sideswipe sold out joh...T_T

This week Tuesday we only have 1 class
After class we decide going to watch movie
Alex and Nic haven't watch Transformers2 yet
So me,Chee Hoe,Carvne and Kuhan accompanied them watch 1 more time
We so "wei da" leh~
*having fun in monorail*
We felt very sleepy when watching the second time
But Alex and Nic seems so excited =w=
After movie,I going to find Agito
But they left me alone T_T
I didn't expected I will found Kabuto !!*finally found you...*

*Having a lot fun with Kabuto^^*

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