Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Update

long time no update jor
reason : lazy xD
so now... 俺、参上!

Monday we went to Chee Hoe's house
over WM Metroview
walao...There quite nice leh~~~
nice view...swimming pool...and many many
really want move to there =3=

at the same day
we talked about AhSau's "belt"
kept laugh and laugh non-stop
AhSau's "belt" really incredible xD

then we back to college to attend Mr.Andrew class
after the class,we planned the next day go Metroview again for swimming

- The 2nd Day -

*me and Alex...地狱兄弟 xD*
*waiting Nic's car*

*> soon yong,carvne,me,wen jian*

*> soon yong(up),me(down),wen jian(up),carvne(down),Chee Hoe,sakai Fun*
all show Kabuto's pose,except wen jian and fun
( p/s: above 3 pictures stolen from Carvne's blog =P )

after swimming,we go a mamak have lunch
the mamak name...
really let them "zha dao"
their Maggie Goreng not bad =)
but need to wait long time
because just 2 workers O_O

Now...we pass up all assignments jor
so I have time to continue my MG Exia


*light-up GN Drive*

finally done my MG Exia
so now had to stop buying gunpla awhile
next week go buy :
S.H.Figuarts Decade
and order :
S.H.Figuarts Rising Ultimate Kuuga [魂ウエブlimited]

and also waiting November
Nendoroid 秋山澪
and December
Nendoroid 平沢唯


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Project Exia

Don't know why yesterday and today felt like no energy..=w=
Carvne ah,it's impossible that I always in climax form ga...
sorry guys who worried about me..sorry...
Oh ya,Shin can borrow some CHIONG to me ma...xD

no mood no mood
but can assemble model kits~=p

most like this part
spent time : 2 and half hour


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Limited again

Limited again...
Why S.H Figuarts always play Limited?
now even S.I.C also wan play Limited

I really feel very upset and angry
They never care overseas people
It's quite difficult to order those limited items from here
(maybe it's easy to other people,but at least difficult to me)

S.H Figuarts Kuuga Rising Ultimate form
Black Eyes version
魂shop限定( Tamashii Shop limited )
Red Eyes version
東映ヒーローネット(Toei Hero Net? limited)

S.I.C Kiva Emperor form
魂shop限定( Tamashii Shop limited ) also...

And Last..
Figma Hatsune Miku Live Stage Ver.
Wonder Festival 09 [Summer] limited
we can't get this except we go WF09 (Japan)...
some shops use their way to get (hopefully) =X


Saturday, August 8, 2009

MG ガンダムエクシア[Gundam Exia]

Today is 08-08-09
This day of last year
I bought MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 2.0
1 year later...Exia =)

Today went time square take my MG Exia
But the shop staff said they didn't keep for me
But in e-mail they said will keep for me......
some more sold out le...

But luckily Gamerz Arena got stocks^^
So I bought in Gamerz Arena
they introduce hard to me about this MG
although I knew all the things they told me xD
Except MG Exia,I bought a HG Exia R2 over there too^^

When checking runner parts
my friend Chee Hoe sms me
The shop keepers heard my msg ringtone
[Decade Complete form Henshin sound]
then we started chit chat about Kamen Riders
the shop keepers got watched all Showa and Heisei series
and also showed me Black and RX henshin pose O_O
I really want to call him SENIOR~~!!

*4th Exia : MG Exia Igniton Mode*
*5th Exia : HG Exia R2**My Exia collections*

I kept my 4th & 5th Exia at Gamerz Arena first
then go watch movie
this movie quite funny,haha xD

After that go eat in Sushi King
Unagi set got discount
So I tried,taste not bad =)

*forgot took photo before eat xD*


Mood of the day
*I'm alone because of my difference...?*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Gundam 30 years old le^^
at Odaiba,Shizuoka Park,Japan...
got a 1/1 scale...
18m tall...
ガンダム !! (GUNDAM)

*Gundam Rising !!*
As a Gundam fan
I really hope I can see this Gundam with my eyes...T.T

(Kamen Rider Decade)
The Episode26 and 27 of Decade really touching me...
They bring back many people's childhood hero
仮面ライダーブラツク(Kamen Rider Black)
仮面ライダーブラツクRX(Kamen Rider Black RX)

Somemore they used the original actor of these two Riders
倉田 てつを(Tetsuo Kurata)
Although he was 40 years old+ now

but he still very cool,very man...
here are some screen shots in KamenRider Decade Episode27

This seems like is Decade last world poster
the world that they're going in movie :
劇場版 仮面ライダーディケイド オールライダー対大ショッカー
(Kamen Rider Decade The Movie : All Riders vs. Great Shocker)

"Rider War" begins?

Mood of the day...
"I'm strong...but I'm alone......"



Today we're going KLCC to draw something
unfortunately we didn't get the permission to draw over there
and I heard got people kena halau by guard >_<
( actually I no bring any tools like drawing paper and pencils xD )
So we just "gai gai" over KLCC*I can't tahan to point the SUN with my finger when saw this xD*
(watch too much "Kabuto"...)
*Tepi sikit la Alex,don't block the nice view*

After that we go to camera shops
Because I want to see Black Bird Fly camera xD
Unfortunately,I didn't found it =w=
But we found some over RM35k+ lens O_O
We went back to school about 4pm+
Nic and Fun go play Futsal
So I went to library to find Chee Hoe them
I told 10 Heisei Rider history to Chee Hoe at library
now he seems like want to start watch Rider(仮面ライダー)
I dragged Chee Hoe to Rider Hole xD